GoPro Hero 5 leak hints at new touchscreen and built in GPS


The next version of GoPro’s flagship action camera will be called the Hero 5 and new leaked video may give us the first glimpse of some of its new features.

The Hero 5 hasn’t yet been officially announced and there have been a distinct lack of leaked images or rumours of what the new device will look like.

However, if this new video is anything to go by, the GoPro Hero 5 could a huge upgrade on previous versions.

Just about the only rumours of the camera first circulated last week when it was claimed the camera would include a new interface, more streamlined controls and even a touch screen.

GoPro HERO5 from Konrad Iturbe on Vimeo.

Now the latest reports claims the new Hero 5 will also include a GPS that will mean photos and videos will be automatically tagged with your location and stored in the metadata for when you share content on social media, as well as making it readily available in the exif info.

The GPS could also be used to track things like elevation or speed so you could see how far you have dropped while on a particularly daring snowboarding session.

There are also reports that suggest the Hero 5 will be even smaller and lighter, which while it may benefit new users, it could mean that existing users might need to fork out for replacement cases, batteries or other accessories.

There is no official word yet from GoPro on the release date of the Hero 5, but expect a new version of the popular action camera to be in stores by the end of the year.

Earlier this year, GoPro launched two mobile apps that help users edit footage taken with their GoPro on their smartphone or tablet.


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