GoPro releases two new apps designed to make editing easier


GoPro has announced the release of two new mobile apps to help with editing footage filmed using on one its action cameras or on a smart phone.

GoPro have long recognised that there has been an issue with editing and earlier this year, GoPro boss Nick Woodman described editing as an “inconvenience”.

In February, the Californian company acquired two start-ups who were behind powerful editing apps.

The software has now been rebranded and repackaged them to enable GoPro users a less inconvenient experience when it comes to editing.

The first piece of software is called Quik (formerly Replay) and this is heralded as the “fastest and easiest” way to compile a sequence containing the footage that users have filmed.

Quik works by analysing your video and selecting what it considers to be the best bits automatically. It d can even match cuts to the beat of your chosen soundtrack. Text, slides and emojis can also be added should you so desire. The app is available for free from Google Play and iTunes Store.

The second piece of software is called Splice and is less automated than Quik and lets users produce fully customised and professional videos “in just minutes”.

The Texan based company Vemony who created the app claim that it packs “the power of a professional desktop editor”. The app certainly has offers a lot of functionality with varying styles, filters and slo-mo sequences available. The downside is that the app is only presently available on iOS.

It is the intention of GoPro to offer a software bundle that is attractive to users who are serious about editing but in the past tended to favour third party offerings.

GoPro also hope that the new software will make the gear more appealing after they recorded disappointing financial data in February.

Source: GoPro


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