GoToMyPC hacked, all user passwords reset


There have been reports of a “sophisticated attack” on the GoToMyPC service with all passwords now being reset.

The site is popular with people who wish to gain remote access to their home or work computers via a web browser.

It is believed that the attackers had managed to obtain usernames and passwords from another data breach in order to gain access to GoToMyPC accounts.

This latest attack comes soon after another attack on a remote access system whereby passwords were again stolen from another source.

Citrix, the owner of GoToMyPC confirmed the reports of an attack and said that it had done a “mandatory password reset” for all its users.

They went on to add: “We encourage our members to enable two-step verification, and to use strong passwords in order to keep their accounts as safe as possible.” GoToMyPC software is available in consumer, pro and enterprise versions.

It appears that following on from an analysis that no sensitive data such as credit card number had been exposed although an investigation was continuing and all users would be informed if more information had gone astray.

The website displayed a status report claiming that the site was hard to reach and that many people had being trying to change their password in response to the news of the attack.

TeamViewer, another remote access site revealed that they had also been hacked with attackers using login credentials found in massive dumps of login data sold and shared online.

It is believed that hundreds of millions o usernames and passwords have become available to cyber thieves in 2016.

Security expert Brian Krebs said after analysing the attack that: “Re-using passwords at multiple sites is a bad idea to begin with, but re-using your GoToMyPC remote administrator password at other sites seems like an exceptionally lousy idea.”


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