Grab taking over Uber: What does this mean for customers in Thailand?


Last month ride hailing company Uber announced it was selling its Southeast Asia operation to rival Grab.

Here’s what Grab’s acquisition of Uber in Southeast Asia means for users in Thailand.

Can I still use Uber in Thailand?

After April 8 you will no longer be able to use Uber in Thailand.

Users need to download the Grab app and if not already done so, sign up for a new account.

You can download the Grab app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Will Uber close my account after April 8?

No. Your Uber account will remain active and you will still be able to use Uber’s services in other countries where the app is available, just not in Southeast Asia.

Will I still be able to use UberEats?

Grabs acquisition of Uber’s Southeast Asia business includes all the services Uber operates – everything, including UberEats. All of Uber’s services will be transitioned over to Grab. UberEats, for example will be merged into GrabFood, Grab’s own food delivery service.

Will I have to pay more for rides?

No, you shouldn’t have to. If you use GrabTaxi you are charged by the meter anyway.

Services such as GrabCar and GrabBike charge rates depending on the distance of your journey with an added surcharge fee which depends on vehicle availability, travel time and traffic.

“It means the tariff will be lower when the request [is not made at a busy time], but the busier the request, the higher the tariff,” Grab said in a statement.

And furthermore….

As well as not having to pay, Grab says that services will actually improve for its passengers.

The company because there are more drivers on its platform, passengers will have shorter waiting times and that rides will be more readily available.


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