GrabTaxi dismiss driver who made threatening calls to female passenger


A driver for GrabTaxi Thailand has been fired after he made threatening phone calls to a female passenger who reported him for dangerous driving.

The driver, who has not been named, made the threatening calls after he is believed to have obtained the passenger’s phone number from the internal booking system used by the company.

The passenger reported the threats to the police and also posted her story on the popular Thai website

In the post, which later went viral, the passenger also raised concerns with regards to the company’s data protection policy, before adding that she did not know how the driver knew it was her who made the complaint against him.

Yesterday, GrabTaxi spokesperson Kittima Sethi issued the following statement to ThaiTech:

“GrabTaxi gives paramount importance to passenger safety and convenience.  We strongly believe that all our customers are our auditors and take every feedback we receive seriously to improve our service.

“In response to one of our valued customer’s complaint regarding one of our drivers, we have taken the disciplinary action towards the driver and have expelled him from our community.

GrabTaxi Thailand has been in touch with the passenger and will cooperate fully with all authorities to continue making all rides with GrabTaxi safe and reliable.”

GrabTaxi also confirmed that the contact information of its customers is not shown to drivers.

GrabTaxi is a ride hailing service which allows customers to book a taxi using a mobile app on their smartphone.

The company operates in a number of countries throughout Southeast Asia including Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Since its launch in 2012, the GrabTaxi app has been downloaded more than 3.6 million times and the company has around 620,000 active users per month.



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  1. “GrabTaxi also confirmed that the contact information of its customers is not shown to
    Among all the warm and fuzzy words issued by Kittima Sethi, what assurances are given that this cannot happen again in the future? NONE!