Great news! Facebook is finally killing off its most annoying feature


Facebook has announced it will kill off the one feature that most users find really annoying.

On Thursday, the company announced it will be phasing out third party app invites, a feature that is typically used for games such as Candy Crush Saga, Bejeweled and Farmville.

It was once an all too common occurrence for Facebook users who were plagued with notifications from friends inviting them to play one of the aforementioned games.

In fact, users found it so annoying that many updated their Facebook account settings to block third party app invites altogether.

But now Facebook is getting rid of them once and for all, with the company confirming third party app invites will be no longer supported by February 6th 2018.

Meanwhile, Facebook has also announced the launch of a new app and website aimed at video creators.

The Facebook Creator app will help users more easily create and post original videos and livestreams from their smartphone or tablet.

It will also give them a host of new tools such as the option to add intros and outros to live broadcasts, as well as different camera effects.

Users will also be able to access analytical data on each of the videos they post using the new app.

“The Facebook Creator app is a one stop shop for creators of all kinds, to help take their passions to the next level, Facebook said in a blog post.

“With the app, creators can easily create original video, go live with exclusive features, and connect with their community on Facebook — all from their pocket.”


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