Great news for iPhone users: Apple relaxes its policy on third party screen repairs


Apple has reportedly made a small but hugely significant change to its warranty policy.

According to a leaked memo, the Cupertino firm has made a massive u-turn on its policy regarding third party screen repairs.

Until now, Apple had said if an iPhone had a third party display fitted then the warranty on the device would be automatically void.

However, the new change in policy means that getting a cracked or broken screen iPhone screen replaced at somewhere other than an Apple Store or another Apple authorised outlet will no longer void the warranty on your device.

This means that for people who do not live near an Apple Store will be able to get their broken display repaired without fear of losing their warranty.

In the memo, which has been published by Apple site 9T05Mac, Apple tell staff they have to inspect any device for fraud or tampering, but then carry out the repair [providing it isn’t related to the display]as normal, even if the display was not previously replaced by Apple or by an authorised partner.

Image: 9To5Mac

Image: 9To5Mac

The move also means that iPhone users are likely to be able to save money on screen repairs given that third party retailers can often repair screens at a fraction of the cost of an Apple Store.

However, before you rush out to Pantip Plaza or some backstreet electronics shop to get the screen on your iPhone repaired, despite the change in policy there are still a number of strict conditions that need to met in order to ensure you don’t void the warranty on your iPhone.

According to the memo, if the third party display you had fitted to your phone fails or results in your iPhone being damaged in some way, the warranty will be void and you will have to pay up for Apple to fix the issue.

This may include Apple needing to replace the screen, some other part of the iPhone, or replacing the iPhone entirely, which of course could prove even more expensive than it would have cost to get the screen replaced with Apple in the first place.

Secondly, if you want to replace a broken or faulty third party display with an Apple replacement, you will still need to fork out for the out of warranty price quoted to you by the member of staff in the Apple Store.

Finally, the memo also confirms that AppleCare+ does cover the cost of replacing third party parts with official parts from Apple.

Another point of note is that the article on 9To5Mac says the changes reportedly applies to the “United States and Canada, as well as various other countries around the world.”

While it is unlikely the change of policy will only apply to the US and Canada, because Thailand isn’t mentioned specifically, we’d still recommend you seek clarification from your local authorised Apple reseller or service provider before letting a third party replace the screen on your iPhone.

Via: Yahoo News


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