Great news for Snake fans! Here is how you can now play the classic game in Facebook


Snake, the popular game that once ruled playgrounds, homes and offices around the world is making a comeback.

Yes, the game will be available on the relaunched Nokia 3310 but it will also be available on Facebook’s Messenger app and will forms part of the Instant Games feature.

To access the game simply open up a chat with a friend in Messenger and go to the games controller icon and select snake.

The game will be the same as the original where you move the snake around the screen eating apples and bugs. The more you eat, the longer the snake gets making it harder to navigate.

The game has six levels which all have different layouts and different snake skins. There are three game speeds are available and the faster you go, the more points you score.

Otherwise, you will have to try and get your hands on a new Nokia 3310, where the game comes preinstalled.

Pekka Rantala the Chief Marketing Officer of HMD Global said: “The Snake game was the most popular game in the history of Nokia phones, in fact the true origin of mobile gaming can be traced back to a Nokia handset released in 1997. 

“To this day, it has remained hugely popular, not only because it carries a strong sense of nostalgia but because this was the first ever mobile gaming experience for many consumers. 

“The opportunity to partner with Facebook, the social media platform that has single handedly defined the social media landscape, is an incredible opportunity. 

“We were truly excited to work with them to bring back Snake in a modern format to a global audience. 

“We hope in its new format it unites people across the world and brings as much joy to players as it did the first time around.”


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