Great news! Google Chrome gets even smarter blocking annoying autoplaying videos


Back in January Google released Chrome 64, the version that promised to crackdown on those annoying auto playing videos.

But now, with the release of Chrome 66, Google is set to step up its fight on intrusive advertisements and noisy autoplaying videos.

Google says its web browser is getting even smarter with the release of Chrome 66, which automatically ‘learns’ which sites you want to mute and which you would like to play sound in order to offer a more personalised experience.

The update means that Chrome will remember your preferences so that you do not need to deal the noisy auto playing videos.

Prior to the update, users would have to mute videos each time they used Google Chrome. But now the web browser remembers which auto playing videos you have muted to ensure they do not play in the future.

Google has said that it still allows auto playing videos on thousands of sites. But the more users continue using Chrome, the more that will change.

“As you browse the web, that list changes as Chrome learns and enables autoplay on sites where you play media with sound during most of your visits, and disables it on sites where you don’t,” John Pallett from Google Chrome wrote in a blog.

“This way, Chrome gives you a personalized, predictable browsing experience”.

Google says that with the new update “about half of unwanted autoplays” will be blocked.

Chrome 66

The update comes as Google continues its efforts to make web browsing a more pleasant experience by reducing the number of intrusive videos and ads.

Some of the ads that are now blocked on Google Chrome include pop ups, flashing animated ads, ads that include a countdown and autoplaying video ads with sound.

To use the new ad blocking features in Google Chrome you need to update your Chrome browser to the latest version.

For most users the browser will update automatically.

Alternatively, you can do this manually by clicking on the three dots icon in the top right of your browser.

From there, go to Help > About Google Chrome

To mute annoying auto-play videos just right click on the offending tab and click ‘mute site’.


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