Greenpeace report reveals the cleanest tech companies


Greenpeace today released its “Clicking Clean: A Guide to Building the Green Internet” report, which reveals that Apple leads the charge among tech companies when it comes to renewable efforts. The report says that Apple has been “most aggressive” with renewable energy including new initiatives that have helped it to maintain its “claim of a 100% renewably powered cloud for another year”.

Apple leads the pack in green energy, says Greenpeace

Apple powers its data centres with renewable energy even as it continues to expand rapidly all over the world. All three of its new data centre expansions announced in the last year are to be powered with renewable energy. Apple is also having a big impact on pushing so-called ‘colocation providers’ to help it maintain its progress towards the goal of 100% renewable energy across all its divisions.

The latest Greenpeace report is timely, as Apple just announced new environmental efforts, including a partnership with the Conservation Fund to protect 36,000 acres of forest in the US for sustainable product packaging.

Also this week Apple announced several environmental projects in China, as CEO Tim Cook is in the country. These include a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund to protect forests and new solar projects to power all its manufacturing in the country with renewable energy.

Below we’ve included Greenpeace’s updated scorecard that show Apple’s efforts compared with other tech titans such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and more.

Greenpeace ranks Yahoo, Facebook and Google behind Apple with 73%, 49% and 46% renewable energy powering their cloud-based operations. Greenpeace ranks Amazon around a miserable 23% and urges the company to provide more data concerning the footprint of its data centres to use renewable energy.

Greenpeace Environment Report

In today’s updated report, Greenpeace claims that Google is matching Apple in the deployment of renewable energy in certain markets, but notes that its “march toward 100% renewable energy is increasingly under threat by monopoly utilities for several data centers including those in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Singapore and Taiwan”.

SOURCE: 9to5Mac


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