Hacked French TV network exposed its own passwords on TV


While the French authorities were investigating how TV5Monde network had 11 of its TV station signals hacked by ISIS, one of its staff proved that a basic password theft may have been the catalyst for the incident.

TV clip reveals passwords on post-it notes, station gets hacked

In a TV interview about the satellite hack with French news show 13 Heures, TV5Monde’s report, David Delos, didn’t realise that he revealed passwords for the station’s social media sites. He was filmed in front of a member of staff’s desk, which had lots of sticky notes covered in account user names and passwords.

The clip featuring Delos revealed the user names and passwords for Twitter and Instagram, however they were unreadable in an archived video of the broadcast. However, the YouTube information was clearly visible, and Twitter user pent0thal confirmed the password was “lemotdepassdeyoutube” (which means “the password of YouTube” in English).


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TV5Monde’s social media accounts appeared fine, however the Twitter use above found a screen grab of a different news segment about the station being hacked, and that also contained a post-it note which contained an employee’s general user name and password. It’s been speculated that the whole satellite hacking incident led from such a password leak in the first place.

Meanwhile, Russian TV station NTV claims that the station’s highest-level password was “azerty12345” (the French equivalent of qwerty12345)…no wonder they were hacked, if their password security is so weak.


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