Hacker creates fake boarding pass app to gain entry to fancy first class lounge


We have all been in airports fighting for a place to sit in the terminal or stood in a queue for what seems like hours trying to get a beer while first class passengers seem to carry on without a care in the world with plenty of room to sit and a waitress service to bring you free drinks – frustrating isn’t it?

A computer expert from Poland has created an app for Android that will allow him to bluff his way into airport lounges without the valid documentation.

Przemek Jaroszewski of the country’s Computer Emergency Response Team created the fake boarding pass app after being turned away from a lounge at Warsaw Airport despite his Gold Status as there was a problem with the automated machine that reads boarding passes.

To solve his problem, Jaroszewski created an Android app that was capable of generating a QR code for entry to the lounges –using a false name, flight number, destination and class. He claims that this has gained him access to several lounges around Europe with no questions being asked.

Mr Jaroszewski explained that the hack works because automated machines do not cross-check information given by a QR code against the genuine ticket information created by the ticket and airline. The most rigorous check is ensuring that the flight number is genuine.

The less than genuine QR code also works for fast lane boarding, duty free privileges and in some cases, priority through immigration.

Sadly, there are no plans to release it to the public even though the app was demonstrated at the Defcon hacking conference in Las Vegas recently.


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