Hacker reveals why he took down Xbox and PlayStation


A hacker who claims to be responsible for the recent cyber attacks on the Xbox and PlayStation networks has revealed why he carried out the attacks.

In an interview with Sky News, a man calling himself Ryan, who is thought to be a member of the hacking group Lizard Squad, said he and a small group of others carried out the attack to expose poor internet security.

The Christmas day cyber attacks on the world’s most popular gaming networks is said to have affected almost 150 million people.

On Saturday, reports claimed Xbox Live was back up and running whilst PlayStation was still experiencing problems.

Last night, Sony issued a statement on the PlayStation blog saying the network was gradually starting to return to normal. However, in posts made on Twitter, some gamers expressed their disappointment as they continued to have problems with the PlayStation network.


It also appeared that the Xbox network was encountering further problems, with more people taking to Twitter just a few hours ago to say the network was down.

Have you been affected by the PlayStation and Xbox hack?

What do you think about Lizard Squad?

Are they nothing more than cyber criminals or is raising awareness of poor security online a noble cause?

Source: Sky News