Hackers can take control of the webcam on your Macbook without you knowing


There is a new form of malware out there that can allow online voyeurs to record video and audio of users without their knowledge via their webcams.

It is believed that the hackers spy on their victims to gain knowledge about their property or their identity, to get kicks or even so that they can blackmail them with the information that they discover.

Grahamcluley.com reports that Apple have tried to address this by installing a green LED that lights up when the webcam is in use and therefore warns users.

Online security firm Synack’s Patrick Wardle, who has a created a host of tools to improve OS X security in the past issued a warning at a conference in Denver, Colorado last week.

He said: “After examining various ‘webcam-aware’ OS X malware samples, the research will show a new ‘attack’ that would allow such malware to stealthily monitor the system for legitimate user-initiated video sessions, then surreptitious piggyback into this in order to covertly record the session.

“As there are no visible indications of this malicious activity (as the LED light is already on), the malware can record both audio and video without fear of detection.”

Unfortunately, the malware allows hackers to record users in their most unguarded moments. Everyone could be affected from businessmen using Skype to people sharing intimate moments on FaceTime.

It seems that online security companies are trying to address the issue and are already developing free systems that can alert victims to any hacking attempts.


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