Hackers demand Sony pulls comedy movie about North Korea


A group of hackers who are claiming responsibility for the massive cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment have demanded the company not release a controversial comedy movie about the leader of North Korea.

The Interview stars James Franco and Seth Rogan and is about an assassination attempt on Kim Jong-un.

A letter, which appeared on a file sharing site on Monday told Sony to “stop immediately showing the movie of terrorism which can break the regional peace and cause the War!”

Hackers demand Sony pulls comedy movie about North Korea

Source: GitHubGist

The letter was apparently sent from the Guardians of Peace who have claimed responsibility for the hacking of Sony’s computer systems which first began on November 24th.

Yesterday, it was revealed that cyber security experts had traced the origins of the attack to a luxury hotel in Bangkok. However, it remains unclear if the attack actually took place in Thailand or if the computer network of the Bangkok hotel was itself compromised and accessed remotely in order to carry out the cyber attack.

Cyber security experts investigating the attack has also claimed that North Korea is the main suspect in the hacking of Sony, although officials in Pyongyang have rejected claims of its involvement and have previously declared the movie as “an act of war”.

The Interview is set for release on December 25th.




  1. Can’t wait to see the movie. GOP is already making it bigger then it would ever be. Not too bright.

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  3. Richard Lee on

    I live in Thailand. Most companies seem to run copies of operating systems and pirated software, it would hardly be surprising if this hotel was just a zombie network! Very few Thais would give a stuff about North Korea, South Koreans are regular and popular tourists here. Bangkok is therefore a very unlikely source. However, this also means the North Koreans (can there be any doubt? Who else gives a rats bum about HRH Haircut 100?) are guilty of hacking that hotel too – Thai cyber laws are very tough!

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