Hackers leak massive haul of Amazon, Dell, Walmart and Playstation passwords


Hackers which claim to be linked to the hacktivist group Anonymous have allegedly leaked more than 13,000 username and password combinations to some of the worlds most popular websites.

The file, which was was leaked on Friday, contains highly confidential account data, including some credit card numbers and expiry dates for sites such as Amazon, Dell, Walmart and Xbox Live, reports the Daily Dot.

The full list of stolen account data was posted on file sharing site Ghostbin.

Hackers AnonymousGlobo posted this on their Twitter page:

This latest news comes just a day after hackers compromised the Playstation and Xbox Live gaming networks, which is estimated to have affected a combined total of more than 150 million users.

The hackers also revealed on their Twitter page that they have released a link where people can download the movie The Interview.

If you use any of the sites mentioned or if you are concerned that you may be affected by the hacking, you should change your passwords and account information immediately and carefully monitor your credit card statements for any suspicious transactions.


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