Hackers threaten to take Pokemon Go offline on August 1st


The server problems that have plagued Pokemon Go players around the world look set to get worse.

A group of hackers who say they were responsible for causing major server outages at the weekend have vowed to take the game offline in two weeks time.

The hackers, who post on Twitter under the username PoodleCorp, said they launched a Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack on Saturday which sent Pokemon Go offline and meant that millions of users around the world were unable to play the game.

“Just was a lil [sic]test, we will do something on a larger scale soon,” said a Tweet from user XO, who claims to be the leader of the hacker group.

A day later a Tweet from the PoodleCorp account read: “August 1st #PoodleCorp #PokémonGo”.

A video then appeared on YouTube in which PoodleCorp explained more about its plans.

“We’ll be taking down Pokemon Go, all of the servers for Pokemon Go, all day long, for 24 hours on August 1”, said someone claiming to be from the group.

Saturday’s attack came just hours after the game was released in 28 countries in Europe, which was followed by major outages after servers were unable to cope with such high demands of traffic.

Niantic Labs, the company behind the game has since been forced to temporarily delay the global release of the game until it is confident its server can keep up with demand.

However, PoodleCorp, which claims to be associated with the hacker group Lizard Squad maintains it was responsible for the attack.

The group insists their attack can be verified by the timings of the posts on its Twitter account which came before the servers went down.


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