Halifax is Testing Heartbeat ID as a New Banking Tool


If you thought fingerprint scanning technology was revolutionary, wait until you hear about the Nymi band. A new advancement in security, the Nymi band uses a person’s heartbeat to verify their identity.

nymi bandHalifax, a UK-based bank, is now testing this new technology in an attempt to make online banking safer. The electronic wristband, which resembles a watch, is able to identify the electrical signals emitted from the wearer’s heart. Essentially, what the wristband does is perform an electrocardiogram when placed on the person’s wrist. These unique signals are used to verify the individual’s identity.

The Nymi band is worn on one wrist, while the wearer touches the top sensor with the opposite hand. An additional set of sensors will detect if the person is still wearing the band. If no heartbeat is recognized, the device will shut down automatically.

Using a computer, wearers first check their heartbeat pattern. That pattern is then stored on the wristband and paired with a smartphone through Bluetooth and a banking app. Each time you do your banking, you simply put on the wristband and it will connect with your smartphone automatically.

Halifax feels that this new Heartbeat ID technology is superior to fingerprint scanning. After all, fingerprints can be faked, but you can’t fake a heartbeat.


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  1. And the moment you take a medication that alters your heartbeat, or you have some heart condition, you are screwed…..