Handpick App Helps You Discover Simple Recipes


Handpick is an app that helps home cooks find new and simple recipes using the ingredients they already have on hand. But the app’s developers are hoping to be more than just a recipe discovery app. Ultimately, Handpick wants to help e-commerce companies break through the food and beverage market.

Although the company had already released its app on iOS in January, it recently launched its app for Android.

With the Handpick app, users can choose from a list of ingredients and find recipes that contain those ingredients. The app aggregates data from Pinterest, recipe sites, Instagram and of course, food blogs. The app’s developers are currently in discussions with a few e-commerce partners, but no details can be revealed until the agreements are finalized.

What Handpick hopes to do is provide e-commerce companies with insight into which grocery items customers purchase most often and how they use those items. Handpick will use its data to supply e-commerce companies with this information. The app’s developers declined to reveal how many users they currently have, but hinted that it’s in the six-figure range. The company hopes to hit one million users by the end of next year.

When Handpick was founded in 2013, the company started with a database of 100,000 recipes and 100,000 ingredients. Today, they have over 100 million posts in their database and aggregate 3 million new posts each day.


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