Handy Netflix hack lets you review your viewing history and improve recommendations


This handy Netflix hack lets you review everything you have ever watched on online streaming service and ultimately give you better control of its ‘Recommendations’ feature.

Netflix is the undisputed champion of TV and movie streaming.

Its intelligent algorithms help you discover new movies and TV shows based on titles you have watched previously.

However, with just one wrong click on a movie or TV show you wouldn’t normally watch, your future recommendations can be ruined forever and go from action movies and thrillers to cheesy rom-coms or cartoons.

However, many users are unaware that Netflix actually keeps a list of all the content you have ever watched.

This means that you can go back through the list and remove any bad choices that could be causing havoc with regards to future recommendations.

Netflix viewing history

The viewing history list also means that you can easily rewatch a movie or TV you had enjoyed but maybe forgotten the name of.

To find your viewing history on Netflix it is actually quite straightforward.

All you need to do is log in to Netflix.com from a computer or laptop and hover over your profile name.

Then you should select ‘Your Account’. On the next menu scroll down to ‘Viewing Activity’ and there you go, a full list of your streaming history.

You can also delete titles here from your history by simply clicking on the X. Once removed, it won’t appear unless you watch it again.

This is great for ensuring that Netflix doesn’t use a crazy moment that you may have had in the past against you when recommending films or programs in the future!

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