Handy new Android feature tells you how fast a Wi-Fi network is before you connect


If you have installed Android Oreo 8.1 from this week onwards, you will probably have noticed a really handy new feature.

The feature allows users to establish how quick a WiFi network is before they even connect to it. It will have four labels, either Very Fast, Fast, OK or Slow.

Google claim that ‘Fast’ will be sufficient to play most videos whilst ‘Very Fast’ will be required for the high quality clips. ‘OK’ will be fine for just reading websites whilst ‘Slow’ is pretty self-explanatory!

The feature was announced last month, but the tech giant has only just started to roll out the update to Oreo.

Sadly, only around 1% of all Android devices currently operate on Android Oreo even though it was launched last summer.

The devices such as Google’s own Pixel, Pixel 2, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, support Android Oreo.

There are several rumours going around the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus could be getting the Oreo update shortly with a beta version having been tested on a number of devices over the last few months.

SamMobile recently spotted what appears to be a user guide for Oreo which has been uploaded to the Korean giant’s official website in Brazil.

SamMobile was quick to point out the relevance of this, saying that the last time Samsung updated this information it was for the Samsung S7 and Android Nougat was launched the following month.

The general consensus is that the same will happen with Oreo and some are even speculating that it will come to the S8 and S8 Plus before the end of the month.


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