Handy new feature coming to Windows 10 lets you link your Android phone to your PC


A new feature is coming to Windows 10 that will easily let you connect your Android smartphone to tablet with your PC.

This week Microsoft unveiled its new Android integration in its latest version of the Windows 10 Insider Preview.

The first supported feature of the Android integration will let offer synchronised web browsing meaning you can easily share a web page from your phone to your PC to continue reading.

Windows 10 Android integration

The new feature is the first of many that Microsoft will bring to future updates of Windows 10.

Others include a universal clipboard which allows you to copy and paste from one device to another and seamless document syncing.

However, the initial integration is so far only available on Android and not iOS.

The idea of sharing web pages may not be a big deal for many users but the fact that you will be able to share your Chrome web history between devices could be useful for those on the move.

Microsoft has also added more features to its digital assistant Cortana, which enable it to display web results without having to launch a web browser.

It will also be able to turn off, restart and log off of your PC simply by you using a voice command – which you can expect to be linked to a Cortana controlled speaker Microsoft will probably release in the future.

This update is just the latest in Microsoft’s attempts to get mobiles and PCs working together.

Via: The Verge



: Microsoft on Saturday announced Continue to PC is now available on iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/continue-on-pc/id1254607852?mt=8


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