The Hannspree is the cheapest smart watch you can buy


If you are looking to buy a smart watch or a fitness tracker, there are currently loads of different devices at many different price points that you could choose. For example, all the way from the rather cheap Misfit Flash, to the solid gold Apple Watch that starts at $10,000.

Hannspree smartwatch

If you’re in the market for a smartwatch or fitness tracker (or both), then there are devices at all kinds of price points for you to choose from – from the inexpensive Misfit Flash to the luxury top-end Apple Watch.

Now there’s a new budget wearable in town, and it’s the first from Taiwanese manufacturer of low-cost electrical items, Hannspree. It’s called rather unoriginally the Sports Watch, and will cost you just £29.99 in the UK (global prices are still to be confirmed).

Even though it has a budget price, you do get a lot of features with it – step counting, sleep tracking, calorie calculation, and distance monitoring. There’s also a rather simple (but functional) Android / iOS app that records and processes all the fitness data as you go.

Hannspree Sports Watch

Battery life up to 10 days

The smart watch has a 0.68-inch OLED display and connects to a smartphone using Bluetooth – this enables it to show calls, messages and alarms on your wrist. Hannspree promises a battery life of between 8 and 10 days, but this so far has not been confirmed by reviewers.

You can actually use it without a phone, as the Sports Watch stores 20 days’ worth of data between syncs. Unfortunately, there are no advanced sensors like GPS or heart rate, and no space for third-party apps, so it’s restricted to what’s provided by the company.

The Hannspree Sports Watch is on sale now in the UK, and might be a good (and cheap) way to dip a toe into the smart watch market if you’re undecided.



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