HappyFresh Offers Southeast Asia One-Hour Grocery Delivery


HappyFresh has been in a limited beta since February, but has seen immediate success. Available in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Jakarta, Indonesia, the app mimics that of Instacart in the United States.

Users are able to select groceries that they need from local supermarkets and the HappyFresh team will be dispatched to pick up and deliver the groceries to the user’s door in one hour.

Deliveries are monitored directly in the app so that users can see the progress of their order. While one hour delivery is offered, users also have the option of scheduling a delivery at their convenience.

Founded in October of 2014, the company is still in its beginning phases. Currently, the company is working on their logistic network and hiring scooter drivers to drive through the heavily trafficked streets of Jakarta.

Potential users are skeptical of the delivery service being able to maintain an hour delivery. Local Pizza Hut deliveries in the area take more than a half hour to be delivered when the final destination is just 5 minutes away.

Connecting retailers and consumers is the goal of HappyFresh, states Tim Marbach, the co-founder of HappyFresh.

Expansion plans outside of Indonesia and Malaysia are planned. Marbach did not elaborate on which country will be next in the company’s expansion plans. With over 500 million consumers in Southeast Asia, expansion is often very difficult in the region. Requirements and cultural and language barriers make it challenging for most companies to expand quickly.

HappyFresh’s funding is shrouded in mystery. While the company has stated that they have investments from U.S.-based investors, concrete figures have not been released. Financing by U.S.-based companies is said to be in the single-digit, million dollar range. The company has stated that they’ve also received funding from local angel investors and companies as well.


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