Hardware refresh for Nintendo Switch rumored to include 8GB RAM


Nintendo last week released a new firmware update for their flagship device the Nintendo Switch, the new update comes with some new features and fixes.

However, more interesting with this firmware update is the reference to a new System on Chip (SoC) that could be a hint of a new model on the horizon.

Vulnerability researcher and InfoSec enthusiast Mike Heskin has been taking a closer look at the Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 5.0 and has discovered evidence that the hardware refresh that will feature the T214 chip may also come with a completely new PCB and 8GB of ram opposed to the 4GB the current system uses.

Heskin said, “5.0.0 included hw bringup for a new SoC called Mariko. nvidia calls it t214 (it’s a fork of Tegra X1), it has a custom Nintendo bootrom, new key material, new pmic (and new PCB!). However, it will probably look identical from outside.”

Mike also noted that all Tegra operated systems are given a code name of a Marvel character, Mariko Yashida, Wolverine’s lover is the name given to the new T214 chip.

Heskin explained more, “Interesting fact: Tegra systems are code-named after Marvel characters. TK1 was “Logan”, TX1 was “Erista” and now T214 SoC’s name “Mariko” comes from Mariko Yashida, Wolverine’s lover.”

The Nintendo Switch has only been on the shelves for just over one year, with this in mind it will interesting to see if and when the company releases a hardware refresh. As soon we know more we will update you accordingly.


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