Hello Siri, talk dirty to me: Lonely men are turning to virtual assistants for sexually explicit chat


Communicating with gadgets is something that is becoming more and more common with Siri, Google Assistant and Cortana being perfect examples of this.

However, it appears that that some males are now starting to use them for a whole new purpose.

An expert recently claimed that men without partners were using virtual assistants and “chatbots” for sexually explicit conversation.

The chief executive of Robin Labs, Ilya Eckstein confirmed that Robin, their company’s chatbot was being used with this purpose in mind.

He said that “mostly teenagers and truckers without girlfriends” were having up to 300 naughty conversations a day with the artificially intelligent software.

“This happens because people are lonely and bored…. It is a symptom of our society,” he told The Times.

“As well as the people who want to talk dirty, there are men who want a deeper sort of relationship or companionship.”

Mr Eckstein said he believes that lonely men long for a subservient girlfriend which is why they are using vitual assistants for kinky chat.

“[they]want to flirt, they want to dream about a subservient girlfriend, or even a sexual slave,” he told website Quartz.

Chatbots are designed so that they understand normal speech and have the capability to respond. In theory this means that chatbots could soon be working in call centres or taking pizza orders. Indeed, chatbots are seen to be the future of human-machine interaction.

Only in April, Facebook launched the ability to use chatbots on Facebook Messenger with literally thousands of developers working on create something new and functional.

A writer for Microsoft’s Cortana, Deborah Harrison said “a good chunk of the volume of early-on inquiries” were about the chatbot’s sex life. She was quick to stress “That’s not the kind of interaction we want to encourage”.


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