Here are all the things you never knew you could do with Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger is much more than just another messaging app.

Facebook’s messaging platform has changed massively since it was launched as its own app back 2014 and you may not fully appreciate what it is now capable of.

Here are just a few of the features that you may not know about.

You can message across different platforms

It is now possible to send “text” messages to friends who are not on Facebook such as SMS or iMessage, if you are an iPhone user. The main advantage is that you can see if a message has been read or not.

View Messenger in your web browser

Messenger is no longer limited to Facebook and can be used in its own right. If you go to you will be able to use the service in a browser.

Hold group chats
Holding group chats can be fun if it is amongst friends but it is also a simple way to hold business discussions and involve others in the conversation rather than having to relay information at a later late.

Encrypt conversations

Concerns about our online security are forever increasing. But for those who worry about their privacy online, Messenger offers a “Secret” messages option with has end to end encryption and which can be timed to self destruct. The feature is not enabled by default but to turn it on start a new conversation > select contact > choose ‘Secret’ conversation option > set the timer > hit send.

Send & receive money
You can send money to and from debit cards in a PayPal type service using Messenger and it offers PIN-based protection and “industry-leading security,” according to Facebook. This is ideal for splitting the bill in a restaurant or bar.

Make free phone calls

Phone calls are free on Messenger, similar to iMessage or Skype. These can be voice or video calls. Be warned it will impact on your data plan if you are not using WiFi.

Send videos

You can instantly send 15 second videos using the in built-in camera function. This allows you to quickly send videos without the need for another app.

Send files

You can send files that are up to 25MB so it is great for sending photos, PDF’s or work documents to friends or colleagues.

Get news and connect with brands using Messenger chat bots

Launched in April 2016, Facebook Messenger is now home to more than 11,000 chat bots. Still somewhat in their infancy, chat bots will become one of the main tools we use to get information.
Use chatbots to get the latest news and information from the likes of CNN, The Guardian and ESPN or connect with brands such as KLM where it can be used to book flights.


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