Here are the best features you didn’t realise were coming to iOS 11


At its annual developer’s conference held earlier this week, Apple chief executive Tim Cook unveiled its new mobile operating system iOS 11.

The announcement centred around some key features namely the ability for iPhone users to send payments to each other using iMessage and a new Do Not Disturb mode which stops people being distracted by their phone when driving.

However, early users of the beta version iOS 11 have unearthed a host of great features that Apple failed to mention – many of which will change the way you use your iPhone or iPad.

Here is a rundown of the some of the best new features in iOS 11.

Share wifi password

With iOS 11, Apple finally made is easy to share your wi-fi password with friends. The new feature lets you log friends onto your wi-fi with just one tap. When someone wants to connect to a network you are logged onto, you will simply be able to hold your iPhone near theirs and transfer the password to them, no typing required.

One handed keyboard

One handed keyboard mode has been available on Android devices for some time and last year Microsoft rolled out a one handed keyboard which can be used on iOS. Now Apple is introducing its own version which pushes the keys to the right or left hand side of the screen, which makes it easier to type when holding the phone in one hand.

Screen recording

Untitled from Adam Isaac Hildenbrand on Vimeo.

iOS 11 will make it possible to record whatever you are doing on screen. You can hit record direct from the revamped Control Centre whenever you want. A video posted online by a iOS beta tester shows how the feature will work.

Editing screenshots

When editing screenshots, users can easily dip into their photos and open it into full screen for editing, cropping and adding annotations.

Dark mode

Apple’s new ‘invert’ feature is a pretty much a dark mode, which will help to save your eyes when looking at your phone in bed.

Type to Siri

One criticism often levelled at Apple is that Siri lags behind its rival Google Now. However, the Cupertino firm is now starting to make improvements with its digital assistant. In iOS 11 you will be able to “type to Siri”, which is a more discreet way to connect with Siri and similar to the feature Google offers with its own Assistant.

Easily delete unused apps

iOS 11 will make it easy to delete all those apps you never use. A new feature called Offload Unused Apps will help you free up space when you are running low on storage. You can easily restore the unused apps by clicking on the greyed out icon, should you wish.

iPad multitasking

iOS 11

The improved multitasking feature in iOS 11 will transform the iPad, making it it operate much more like a Mac. There’s a new file system to help you manage your files more easily and which can be connected to the Google Drive and Dropbox. You can also run three apps at once and easily switch between them. Another useful feature is being able the dock with the apps you use most frequently. Because of iOS 11, many users could even replace their computer with an iPad.


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