Here are the best new features of the Windows 10 Creators Update


The Windows Creators Update is first major update to Windows 10 since Microsoft launched Anniversary update in August 2016.

The new update, which will start hitting devices from April 11 will include a host of new features.

Here are some of the most exciting ones:

Dynamic Lock

Using Bluetooth, Dynamic Lock allows your device to establish if you are actively sitting in front of the screen. If you are not, it will lock straight away.

The downside is that it uses your smartphone signal to do this so you need your phone with you at all times.

Game Mode

Game Mode diverts resources away from unnecessary background tasks allowing you to use your PC as a games console.

This could make a massive difference to your gaming capability although this does seem to be open to debate.

Paint 3D

Paint has now moved into the 21st century. It is still essentially a lightweight image editor but you are now able to create designs to both 3D and 2D.

It may not be the ideal solution for 3D designers but it will likely be a massive improvement to the current Paint.

Night Light

Windows 10 now has a Night Light feature similar to that offered by Apple. This reduces the amount of blue light emitted which is said to disrupt sleep patterns so by turning blues to warmer colours should make it easier for you to sleep.


Microsoft is set to add some pretty useful new features to Edge in a bid to shift users from the likes of Chrome and Firefox to its own web browser.

One such feature is that Edge now allows you to store tabs and web pages to read later, helping to save on battery power. It also has started blocking some parts of Flash by default, meaning it will be more secure. Also added is support for Microsoft Wallet which will help when purchasing things online.

Start menu folders

Expect more changes to the Start menu as Microsoft adds more folders to its famous pop out navigation system.

The folders are set to more closely resemble the filing system you would find on a smartphone, and should boost usability and navigation around your computer..

Greater privacy

Perhaps this is the most significant feature of all – the amount of data collected by Microsoft has been reduced with the latest update with the majority of data collected to help fix problems.

Home and Pro users will also have greater control over what information is collected.

Here’s how you can download the Windows 10 Creators Update RIGHT NOW


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