Here is how you can find out when someone deletes you on Facebook


Perhaps you posted too many selfies, ranted a little too often or shared more than enough photos of what you had dinner, when quite frankly no body cares.

Whatever the reason, your Facebook friend count has suddenly gone down and you want to know who has unfriended you.

Previously there was never a way of being able to see who had deleted you – there simply isn’t the option built into Facebook

But now there’s a way to find out for sure.

A new website called Who Deleted Me keeps track of your friends list on Facebook and notifies you when anyone has the sheer audacity to hit unfriend.

who deleted me

When you first login to Who Deleted Me, the site takes a snapshot of your friends list. Whenever you login again it then compares your current friends list to the saved one and notifies you if someone has unfriended you or simply deactivated their account.

Who Deleted Me is available as an extension to both Chrome and Firefox, as well as an app on Android and iOS.

Unfortunately, it does not provide any info on whoever has deleted you in the past, although it does also tell you the last time your friends used Facebook, which is pretty useful if you were wondering why you may not have heard from a friend in a while.


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