Here is why you need to update to iOS 10.1 IMMEDIATELY


If you own an Apple device you are urged to update to the latest version of its operating system in order to patch some pretty major security problems.

Earlier this week Apple released iOS 10.1, the main feature being that it includes a new Portrait Mode for the iPhone 7 Plus, but it also includes security patches that prevents any Apple device from being easily hacked.

For devices that haven’t yet been updated, the security flaw means that hackers can access your iPhone or iPad by sending you a malicious image file.

Apple says hackers cold potentially take advantage of the security flaw after “viewing a maliciously crafted JPEG file may lead to arbitrary code execution”.

This means that hackers could send you the malicious file could be used to takeover your iPhone or iPad.

This particular vulnerability is even more severe as the file does not have to be opened in order to infect a device, meaning that just receiving what looks like a legitimate message from a friend or contact could put you at risk.

The security flaw also affects all Macs, Apple Watches and Apple TV.

Apple has said that all devices later than iPhone 5, iPad 4th generation, iPod Touch 6th generation are vulnerable and anyone running any of these is advised to upgrade to the very latest version of iOS.

Apple hasn’t released any details on how the flaw works in order to try and prevent hackers from exploiting it.

In order to update your device go to Settings > General > Software Update.

Source: Graham Cluley


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