Here’s how many days a Thai person has to work to afford an iPhone 7


The average Thai person needs to work a total of 69 days to be able to afford an iPhone 7.

Southeast Asia based shopping site iPrice has compiled a couple of interesting info graphics which look at the difference in sales price of the iPhone 7 across Southeast Asia and also how long the average person would have to work to be able to afford Apple’s latest smartphone.

iPrice compared the price of the new iPhone in the United States to a number of different countries in Southeast Asia including Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. 

In the United States, an 128GB iPhone 7 retails for USD749.  However, across Southeast Asia, the price varies quite dramatically.

For example, in Singapore the new iPhone costs USD897, whereas in the Philippines it’s a whopping USD1,031.

The news is even worse for people in Thailand, which has the highest priced iPhone 7 in the region at a staggering USB1,340, not far off being double the US price.


According to iPrice, for countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia, where the iPhone 7 is yet to be officially released, the price has been driven up by unauthorised resellers who have purchased the phone in bulk from overseas in countries like Singapore and Hong Kong.

The phones are then sold in these respective countries at an inflated price.

A recent article on a Thai Mobile Site claimed that imported black market iPhone 7’s are on sale in MBK for as much as 54,500 baht, while a jet black 256GB iPhone 7 costs a staggering 63,000 baht.

The second infographic from iPrice compares the average salary of people in each country in Southeast Asia, to see how long they would have to work to be able to afford a new iPhone.

iPrice 2

iPrice found that people in the region, which has some of the lowest salaries anywhere in the world, would have to work months on end before they could buy an iPhone.

In the United States, people only have to work an average of four days to afford an iPhone. In Singapore, they have to work a little longer, around one full week.

In Thailand, people need to work almost two and half months, or 69 days, to purchase the iPhone 7.

For people in Vietnam, it’s much worse – a whopping 104 days of work to buy a phone, the battery of which is unlikely to even make it through a full day without needing to be charged.

Before those of you in Thailand panic, it should be stressed that the prices listed by iPrice are not official. They are the prices the device is currently available for on the black market, from unauthorised resellers in places like MBK.

The iPhone 7 is widely tipped to go on sale in Thailand on October 21, with pre-orders available from October 14, although Apple is yet to officially confirm pricing and release date of its latest handset.


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