Here’s how much it costs Apple to make an iPhone 7


Apple unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the iPhone 7, earlier this month to widespread praise and much fanfare.

The iPhone 7 added a host of new features and design changes including the removal of the headphone jack, as well as making the device waterproof.

However, while pricing for the iPhone 7 in Thailand is yet to be confirmed, one thing that is certain is that buying the device is likely to leave a substantial hole in your pocket.

When it is finally released in Thailand, you can expect prices to start in the region of 27,000 baht for the base level 32GB model up to a whopping 36,000 for the 256GB model.

While Apple doesn’t hide the fact that its devices come at a premium, have you ever wondered how much it costs Apple to make an iPhone 7 and if their pricing is justified?

A recent investigation by CNN Money with data from has revealed the production costs for the new iPhone 7.

The helpful price breakdown reveals how much the tech giant pays for each of the major components in the device:








According to the data, it costs Apple a total of $292, approximately 10,000 baht to manufacture each iPhone 7.

By comparison, the iPhone 7 actually costs about $13 more to manufacture than its predecessor, the iPhone 6S.

It’s probably also worth remembering that research and development is not accounted for in this price teardown.

Even so, the fact it costs Apple about 10,000 baht to make an iPhone 7, which then retails for almost 30,000 baht, means there is still plenty of room left for profit!

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