Here’s how Pornhub won April Fool’s Day with an hilarious prank that terrorized the internet


The jokers at Pornhub played an April Fool’s Day prank on their users based on the fear that their deepest and dirtiest secrets would be revealed to loved ones and friends with many of their loyal users were scared to death!

Any users that watched a video on the website received a message saying that Pornhub had activated a new, automatic video-sharing feature that meant all viewed videos would be shared to the user’s social media accounts.

PornHub April Fools Day prank

Thankfully, one user quickly realised it was a prank and informed others allaying fears that their nearest and dearest had been informed about their viewing habits.

The site has hsitory when it comes to April Fools. In 2016, it played another prank turning the site into a landing spot for vegetable enthusiasts calling it “Cornhub” for the day.

There is a feature on the site that does allow users to show off their favourite videos with their friends on various social media sites although whether people would want to openly disclose this is open to debate!


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