Here’s how to check if someone has been logging into your Facebook account


Despite all the warnings most of us perhaps don’t take online security as seriously as we should.

The use of simple passwords, or the same password used across multiple online accounts along with a failure to regularly update apps or anti virus software can leave users wide open to potential security breaches.

Often people who fall victim to cybercrime or hacking only have themselves to blame and make it easy for hackers to obtain their private information.

One huge potential pitfall for users occurs when they fail to log out of an email or social media account accessed from a shared computer, say in a hotel lobby or in the workplace.

And it isn’t only on shared computers. If your phone or laptop was ever stolen, staying logged in could make it easier for people to access your online accounts.

Failing to logout of your Facebook account for example could mean that strangers or even cyber criminals can read your private messages and obtain any other information you have added to your account, such as your email address or date of birth.

Fortunately there is a simple way to check if someone has been logging into your Facebook account.

Here’s how you can check:


Whether using Facebook from a computer or the mobile app, head over to Settings > Security > Where you’re logged in.

Next, tap on Edit and from here you can see exactly how many different devices are logged into your account.

If you are signed in with many different devices from locations or at times you don’t recognise then the chances are that someone may have accessed your account.

If you think there may have been some unwanted logins on your account, there is a way to block those logins you think are suspicious.

Next to each of the highlighted sessions, desktop users will see the “End activity” button. Click on this and that particular session will be closed. From a mobile, tap on the ‘X’ located next to each session to close it.

How to protect yourself against future threats

Facebook allows you to set up login alerts which will notify you whenever someone has accessed your account.

To set up the alerts, you need to go to:

Settings > Security > Login Alerts

You can also add another layer of security by adding a second approval for each login.

To set this up go to:

Settings > Security > Login Approvals

With this activated, separate login codes will be sent to your phone whenever you want to login to your account from a new machine.

If you think there has been some suspicious activity on your account, you should change your password immediately.


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