Here’s how to ensure Google Chrome doesn’t eat up too much of your battery


We all love Google Chrome and it is used by 62% of PC users but it does drain your battery if you let it run rampant.

Google are doing all they can to improve matters but until they do here are a few suggestions about what you can do to ease the problem.

1. Make sure you are using the latest version

Like most apps and systems, Chrome is constantly being updated to be efficient and faster. To check to find out if you are running the latest version of Chrome type “chrome://help/” into the address bar and look for a message saying that Google Chrome is up to date – if not update it!

2. Limit the number of tabs that you use

All new browsers allow you to open multiple tabs these days but stick to one or two as lots will affect your battery life.
If you want to go one step further you can use a number of different Chrome extensions that helps you suspend some of tabs and free up memory. Extensions such as TooManyTabs and the Great Suspender will give you a smoother experience when surfing the web, without slowing down your computer.

3. Remove unnecessary extensions

A great feature of Chrome is the extensions but again they can increase battery usage and slow your machine down. To find out what extensions you are running type “chrome://extensions/” into the address bar and then disable the ones that you aren’t using. Don’t worry if you remove something you need, you can always add them back from the Google Chrome Web Store.

4. Don’t allow it run in the background
Chrome and some of Google’s other apps such as Hangouts can eat up a lot of your battery, even when you aren’t using them, that’s if you let them run in the background. To check if Chrome is running in the background on your laptop go to:
the Chrome menu (or press Alt+E) > Settings >Show advanced settings > System > untick “Let Chrome run in the background”.

5. Block Flash

Flash has been much maligned for a while now and can be a major drain on your battery. You can stop it from running by selecting “Block sites from running Flash” and this should ease the problem. Google has said that by the end of the year, Chrome will block Flash by default.


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