Here’s how to find Facebook’s hidden inbox


Facebook users were up in arms this week after discovering they had missed out on messages that had been filtered into a secret inbox within its messaging system.

Facebook’s hidden inbox is accessible from either the web or via the Facebook Messenger app and is part of the filtering system designed prevent spam and other unwanted messages making their way into your regular inbox.

However, some users have complained that they have missed out on perfectly legitimate messages that have been filtered into the hidden inbox.

In 2015, Facebook updated its messaging system where it used to sort messages into ‘Inbox’ and ‘Other’.

Now, Facebook still sorts messages into your inbox but filters suspected unwanted messages into a folder called ‘Message Requests’.

Within the ‘Message Requests’ folder there is another folder called “Filtered Message Requests, which contains the messages filtered by Facebook.

The easiest way to access the hidden folder is from your desktop by visiting:

Facebook Messenger Settings

If you’re using the Facebook Messenger app:

  1. Tap on the Settings icon
  2. Tap on People
  3. Tap on Message Requests
  4. Then select ‘See Filtered Requests’

For the most part, you are likely to only find spam messages have been filtered, which shows that Facebook’s filtering system does at least work!

However, some users have taken to Facebook and Twitter to complain that they have missed out on some very  important messages.


  Other users confirmed that there was in fact nothing more than spam to be found in their hidden Facebook inbox.  

Have you missed out on any messages because of Facebook’s filtering system?

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