Here’s how to make Whatsapp more secure than ever before


Whatsapp has introduced a new setting that means your chats remain private.

The new setting should prevent your private conversations from being cracked by hackers and help you keep any data or information you share in the app away from prying eyes.

Earlier this week, Whatsapp quietly introduced 2 factor authentication (2FA) to the latest beta version of its mobile app, Android Police reported.

2FA means that users can add an additional layer of security to an online account or mobile app to ensure that only the account holder is able to login.

Once 2FA is activated, Whatsapp will ask you to confirm a 6 digit passcode whenever a phone is registered to your account.

For added security, should you forget the passcode, under the new security features, Whatsapp lets you add an email address to your account, which is used if you ever need to reset your password.

You can enable 2FA in Whatsapp by going to Settings > Account > Two-step verification

2FA Whatsapp bet

Image: Android Police

2FA Whatsapp beta

2FA Whatsapp bet

2FA is an effective way of stopping hackers who may have ‘cloned’ your device.

The added protection of 2FA means that nobody else can activate or access a Whatsapp account with your phone number unless they enter your passcode or reset it and enter a new one via the email address you supplied.

2FA is available in the latest beta versions of Whatsapp on Android, iOS and Windows phone so you can expect it to be rolled out to the full version in the not too distant future.

Earlier this week, Whatsapp made its video calling feature available to all of its one billion users across the three major mobile operating systems.

Video calling had previously been made available on a beta version of Whatsapp earlier this year.

Last month, human rights group Amnesty International ranked Whatsapp as the best messaging app for protecting privacy ahead of the likes of Facebook Messenger, Skype and Snapchat.


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