Here’s how to play the secret game hidden in the Google Chrome app


There is nothing more frustrating than losing your internet or data connection, but Google has now come up with a secret form of pain relief that may just ease the frustration.

A new secret game hidden in the Google Chrome app will appear whenever you have lose connection to Wi-Fi or mobile data and involves Google’s little online dinosaur.

All you have to do is tap on the T-Rex and a Flappy bird-style game will load that will help you pass the time until your internet comes back up.

In the game, the dinosaur is sent into the desert and your role is to control the running dinosaur and help him to jump over the various obstacles and dangers by tapping the screen or the space bar on desktop versions.

The game gets gradually harder as the speed increases and the high score counter in the top right hand corner enables you to track your results.

It may not be as good as having your internet back up and running but it is at least an alternative to just gazing at a screen that is doing nothing!

Of course Google is not the first to build hidden games into applications.

Facebook has in the past included both a chess and a basketball game into its Messenger app – although both of these two games required internet connection at the time.


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