Here’s how to see every photo you have ever liked on Facebook


A new feature has just been discovered on Facebook that allows you to look at every picture you have ever liked.

For some users, it could be a nice way to look back at old photos or be reminded of some of their best memories.

However, other users may think that the past should stay in the past and the new feature might reveal a few things they would rather forget such as photos of an old flame or embarrassing photos from a night out.

Perhaps more worryingly for some, the same trick also lets users look at all the photos that have been liked by their friends and family too.

how to see every photo you have ever liked on Facebook

All you have to do to look back at every photo you have ever liked on Facebook is to start typing “photos liked by” into the Facebook search bar.

A list of different choices will then appear, such as “photos liked by me” or “photos liked by my friends”.

You can also add any of your friend’s name to the search to look at the photos they have liked.

You can even find out where and when the photos were taken by typing “photos liked by [NAME] in [PLACE]”.

The same search also works for videos (just search “videos liked by”), for events (“events liked by”) and for movies (“movies liked by”).

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