Here’s how to stop Facebook Messenger from KILLING your smartphone battery


Users of Facebook Messenger have been urged to update to the latest version of the app in order to fix a major battery issue.

Last year a bug was discovered in Messenger that is believed to be the cause of recent widespread battery drain issues.

Users around the world have been complaining that Facebook Messenger has been eating up the battery life of their smartphone, forcing it to run low on power much quicker than normal.

However, after confirming the existence of the bug, Facebook has now said the issue has been fixed.

Facebook’s VP of messaging products David Marcus confirmed the issue had been resolved and said: “If you restart Messenger the problem should be gone now. Very sorry.”

The issue reportedly only affects Android phones, with the majority of complaints coming from people with older devices, although users with new smartphones have also experienced the issue.

Commenting on Reddit, one user said that the problem had affected his smartphone battery so much that he was forced to delete both the Messenger and Facebook app.

Other vented their anger at the situation on Twitter with some even commenting the issue had caused their battery to only drain but also overheat.

The news comes after Facebook has recently launched Messenger Lite, a simplified version of Messenger aimed at users with older Android phone as it requires less processing power and can be used in locations with slow internet connections.

Last year, a study carried out by Tech World Zone found that the Android version of the Facebook app could account for as much as 20 percent of the power from your smartphone battery.

Those who took part in the study found the battery performance on their smartphone improved significantly after deleting the Facebook app.


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