Here’s how to stop spam taking over your iCloud Calendar


If you are an iPhone user, you may have been infuriated by iCloud spam clogging up your device. The good news is that Apple has now started to push out a fix.

The spam events are usually promoting deals and discounts for largely unknown retail outlets and tend to bombard you for several consecutive days on your iCloud Calendar.

As you can imagine, Apple iPhone and iPad users have taken to social media to vent their anger about the scam which exploits a problem with iOS.

The reason the problem occurs is because iOS automatically scans your inbox for calendar invites and updates your calendar accordingly – whether you like it or not!

The feature was originally designed so that invitations could be accepted or declined direct from your calendar app but unfortunately this has been infiltrated to fill your calendar with spam adverts.

iCloud Calendar

iCloud Calendar

On, the Cupertino firm has now added a new Report Junk button that lets users remove spam invites from their calendar and flag the senders as spammers so that Apple can investigate further.

At present the feature only works on the calendar on, but it is expected to be rolled out on the iOS and Mac app with subsequent software updates.

Sadly, until this happens there is no sure-fire way of rejecting these invites other than to hit the ‘Decline’ button.

This will delete the event but unfortunately it does confirm to the spammer that you email address is genuine – leading you vulnerable to more spam.


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