Here’s how to take a look at EVERY SINGLE Google search you have ever made


If you dare to take a look, there is a way you can look at every single search you have ever made on Google.

Every embarrassing ailment, silly question or even your most secret desire is there for you revisit – if you are feeling brave enough!

Whether it is asking “how to turn on the microwave” or turning to Google for a possible to some nasty rash, all you searches will be there.

By clicking on you can look back on every Google search you have made on a specific date.

You will need to be logged into your Gmail or Google account for it to work but once logged in you can also search for specific words in your search history.

My Activity Google Search history

Google’s My Activity feature lets you look at every search you have ever made on Google

You can even see places you have visited on Google Maps, as well as any image you have viewed from your account or view you have watched on YouTube.

Thankfully there is only you that has access to this information, so don’t panic, that is of course unless your Google account was ever to be hacked.

Alarmingly, the history link above also includes any search you have previously deleted, meaning that Google still keeps a record of the data even though you thought you removed it from your device.

If the idea of Google knowing your every single move online is a bit too much, you can opt out of the tracking.

In the top left of the screen, go to Activity Controls, and when presented with the pop up, turn off the ‘Web & App Activity’ option.


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