Here’s how you can delete ALL your online accounts with just a couple of clicks


This is the neatest thing you will read about all day.

Do you ever hark back to the days when the internet didn’t rule your life?

You remember those days, the ones where you actually had conversations with people in real rather than via Facebook Messenger.

Where you got the latest football results from Ceefax and when you took an actual map with you on a road trip.

Oh and where a troll was something with bright coloured hair that was attached to the end of a pencil and where you go could get through a whole day without seeing a single story on Donald Trump.

Well it turns out the good old days are just a couple of clicks away. allows you to remove your ENTIRE online presence from the web.

Created by two Swedish developers Linus Unnebäck and Wille Dahlbo, all you need to do is login to the site with your Google account and will automatically scan the web and any apps that you have online accounts for.

It then creates a handy list of all your online accounts.

Next to each account is a delete link which when clicked sends you to the unsubscribe page for that particular website or app.

You can then work through the list deleting all your online accounts.

Sayonara, internet.


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