Here’s how long it can take to fall out of shape and get fat, according to science


At one time or another, we’ve all skipped a workout and put off doing some exercise in favour of…well…just about anything else.

And while taking time off from exercise can actually beneficial for some people, having a couple of days off from the gym can quickly snowball into a week, several weeks, months or in some cases it can be years since exercise was a priority.

But how long does it actually take for the human body to fall out of shape and for you to get fat?

A leading exercise scientist has revealed that it doesn’t take very long at all for you to fall out of shape and if you have been training regularly to lose your new found fitness gains.

If you stop exercising for just “one to two weeks” there will be noticeable changes to your body, Shawn Arent, the director of the Center for Health and Human Performance at Rutgers University told Tech Insider.

“If you stop training, you actually do get noticeable deconditioning, or the beginnings of deconditioning, with as little as seven days of complete rest. It very much is an issue of use it or lose it,” he added.

Depending on how conditioned you were to begin with, you can be back to where you started in just three months, he said.

That’s pretty disheartening to anyone who has spent time and effort into trying to get in shape – the thought that all those gains can be gone in next to no time.

If you then add that for all the time you are not working out, your body is likely to be in a caloric surplus, leading you to pile on the pounds and in worse cases developing additional health problems.


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