Here’s why the next smartphone you’ll want to buy will be made by Vivo


Chinese smartphone brand Vivo is set to beat both Apple and Samsung to release a smartphone with a revolutionary new feature.

According to a report, Vivo have already developed a smartphone which has a fingerprint scanner embedded into the screen.

The report comes from Android Authority, which reveals the new phone could be launched within the next couple of months.

Whether Samsung and Apple will be able to embed a fingerprint sensor in the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 smartphones has the been the subject of much speculation.

Both Samsung and Apple are rumoured to be testing out how to develop the technology to make the feature work, the inclusion of which is key to both the Note 8 and iPhone 8, as both handsets are expected to include an ‘Infinity’ style display.

iPhone 8 iDrop

iPhone 8 render – the new iPhone is expected to include an ‘infinity’ style display

This means the screen will take up almost all of the front of the smartphone and is a feature which is expected to be included on most new smartphone in the future as manufacturers work to increase the size of the display without increasing the size of the handset.

However, both firms are said to have experienced technical problems when trying to fit the fingerprint sensor into the display, with some reports that production has been jettisoned as a result.

Reports have also suggested that Apple and Samsung have been unable to embed the fingerprint sensor into the display and will instead move the sensor to the reverse of their respective phones.

According to the report in Android Authority, Samsung has given up trying to include the feature in the Note 8, while Apple will be the first manufacturer outside of China to include a fingerprint scanner built into the display.

However, both have been beaten to it by Vivo – with it’s new feature shown in a video clip.

While Vivo does not have the same recognition as Apple or Samsung, it has a strong presence in Thailand and according to data from IDC is the world’s fifth largest manufactures based on global shipments.


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