Here’s on for the Grammar Police: “internet” and “web” should be lowercase, says AP


If you’re a stickler for the English language or a self appointed member of the Grammar Police then this next bit of news might just be the most important thing you will read all day.

The Associated Press has updated the AP Stylebook, which some consider to be the Bible of modern writing styles.

The latest update [June 2016] includes 250 either new or updated entries.

The most notable of which from the world of tech is that AP no longer considers the words “Internet” and “Web” to be proper nouns, meaning that from now on, AP advises that both should be written in lowercase.

In a statement, Tom Kent, AP Standards Editor said: “The argument for lowercasing Internet is that it has become wholly generic, like electricity and the telephone. It never was trademarked and is not based on any proper noun”. “Internet” and “web” join other tech words that have have been updated as they have become a part of everyday language and become more commonly used, such as “website” (previously Web site) and “email” (e-mail). Via its Twitter account, AP also answered some of tech’s most pressing grammar conundrums.

AP confirmed that the term “Wi-Fi” should still be capitalised, stating that it follows Webster’s New World dictionary which calls it a service mark and therefore capitalises.

AP also said that the “Internet of Things” should actually be the “internet of things”.

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