Here’s why you really don’t want to drop the iPhone 8 or Galaxy Note 8


iPhones have had aluminium backs since the iPhone 5 but the new iPhone 8 features a complete glass rear.

This may look impressive but sadly they are prone to shattering. Most of us who own a smartphone have at some time had to replace a screen that has become cracked.

However, Apple have stressed that the devices are made from the most durable glass yet, so now those claims have been put to the test.

SquareTrade, an insurance company which offers protection policies for smartphones and other electronic gagets decided to put the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 through a drop test.

The result, the Apple devices didn’t do very well at all although they did outperform the Galaxy Note 8.

The iPhone 8 scored a medium risk after it suffered several cracks and a shattered screen following a six foot drop test.

The iPhone 8 Plus scored a “medium-high risk” with the rear of the device almost entirely shattering when dropped with the face also coming worse off than the iPhone 8.

Repairing the devices was also said to be extremely difficult along with being expensive.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 scored worst of all with a “high risk” of shattering being awarded. Both the front and reverse of the device shattered when dropped rendering it completely unusable.

In the end, both the Galaxy phone and the iPhones cracked on all sides on their first drop.


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