Here’s the reason why airplanes are always cold


Being cramped in some middle seat in economy class can be bad enough, but the chilly temperatures onboard most airplanes can make even relatively short flights a pretty miserable experience.

With the freezing aircon blasting out it can be almost impossible to get comfy.

But why are airplanes so cold?

It turns out for a very good reason – a reason which may actually surprise you.

According to a study by the American Society for Testing and Materials, people are more likely to faint on an airplane than on the ground due to a condition called hypoxia.

Hypoxia is common among airplane passengers and occurs when the body isn’t getting enough oxygen.

“Airline passengers may become considerably hypoxic due to reduced pulmonary ventilation caused by immobility, drowsiness, and gastro-intestinal distension,” the study revealed.

Some of the other things that can trigger hypoxia include warm temperatures and high cabin pressure.

This is the reason airlines keep their planes on the chilly side – to keep the risk of passengers suffering with hypoxia to a minimum.

Hypoxia can be extremely serious.

In 2005, hypoxia was thought to be the reason the crew of the Helios Airways Flight 522 lost consciousness causing the plane to crash killing all 121 passengers on board.

So the next time you are on a plane and complaining you are too cold, put on an extra layer and remember the chilly temperatures are for your own good.

Source: Business Insider


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