Here’s what the tiny hole next to the camera on your iPhone is for


Have you ever noticed the little hole next to the camera on your iPhone?

The chances are that you have noticed it but not really paid much attention however, today we can reveal its purpose!

The hole can be found on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and is a microphone designed to capture sounds from the direction that the camera lens if facing.

According to Metro, it was first introduced on the iPhone 5S but went largely unnoticed.

Apple are obviously quite keen for the devices to pick up as much sound as possible as there are also microphones situated on the top and bottom of the phone.

This is handy as it doesn’t matter how you are holding you phone, there should be a least one microphone that isn’t covered.

Apple’s Phil Schiller first announced the three microphones saying “We now have not two but three microphones.

“This helps in Facetime calls, in videos, we can use them for noise cancellation, and we can use them for applications like Siri.”

There is actually a way to test the microphone on your iPhone if you think its performance isn’t quite up to scratch.

“To test the primary microphone on the bottom of your iPhone, open Voice Memos and tap the record icon. Then speak into the microphone and tap the play icon to play back the recording. You should be able to hear your voice clearly, says Apple.

“If your voice sounds faint when you’re using the speakerphone on a phone call, make sure that your iPhone receiver isn’t blocked or covered.

“If audio from video recordings sounds faint, or Siri can’t hear you, make sure that the microphone near the iSight camera—on the top, back corner of your iPhone—and the receiver isn’t blocked or covered.”

As we are all aware, the new iPhone 8, the 10th anniversary device, is expected to be unveiled later this year and it will be incredibly powerful and not surprisingly, incredibly expensive too!

It could come with a cool mirror finish and a super high definition OLED screen, Apple rumours suggest.


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